WORTH IT – How Pilates Helps This Runner Succeed

Crew, meet Maureen!

Maureen is a dedicated runner we asked to work with to see if Pilates could potentially improve her already great base. Maureen has since opened up her own practice, Harrier and Hounds Distance Running Coaching. Please pop on over to her page and give her a like!



“So, I hate to admit it, but runners are generally not very good about keeping up with strength training and flexibility exercises.

A lack of strength and flexibility is often the cause of injury and getting sidelined during important parts of a training cycle.

As a high school cross country coach and a distance running coach at Harrier and Hounds Distance Running, I encourage my athletes to keep up with a regular strength and flexibility program that suits their needs and focuses on core and hip strength.

The way I keep myself accountable for this very important part of training has been a membership at Suite Pilates!

I’ve been running for over 20 years, and in the past few years have begun competing in ultramarathons – races that are longer than a marathon. Finding the time to fit in strength and flexibility training along with running 80+ mile weeks can be a challenge, but I’ve found it is SO WORTH IT! I never feel stronger or less injury-prone than when I’m working out regularly at the Suite.

Suite Pilates makes it easy for me to get in a great workout in under 1hr in a convenient and welcoming environment.

I regularly leave a Mat Pilates or Suite Fusion class more sore (in a good way!) than after running 20+ miles on the trails! Barre classes simulate the burn of the last mile or so of a 10k race in a way I don’t know how to replicate in any other type of workout! Suite also provides the option of smaller, individualized classes on the Reformer that work on full body strength and flexibility. The workouts at Suite Pilates target and focus on core and stabilizing muscles – the muscles drawn on late in a race as form starts to break down due to fatigue. The thing I’ve found most useful is that exercises in Pilates classes allow me to identify imbalances and weaknesses and correct them before they lead to overuse or compensation injuries.

For runners who know that they are missing a key component in their training – strength and flexibility – Suite Pilates has you covered!

There are classes every day and all the equipment you might need is provided for you at the Suite. You’ll find a mix of hardcore athletes and individuals looking to get back in shape or recover from injury – instructors always provide a variety of modifications to make each exercise as intense or gentle as you need based on your fitness and flexibility. ”



Take control of your physical and mental strength! 

Learn more about the classes offered at Suite, check out out our schedule, peek at our promos, or go right ahead and try us out risk-free 30 days for only $40.

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